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2020 Technical Webinar Series

Electrical & Fluid Design Webinars

  • 2020 Technical Webinars
May 11, 2020
E3.series 2020 Release Update

This webinar will introduce the new functionality in E3.series 2020 and summarize some of the more important existing functions in this industry-leading design solution.

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  • 2020 Technical Webinars
April 17, 2020
Paperless Engineering with E3.WiringChecks and E3.WiringCockpit

Paperless engineering improves accuracy, traceability, and schedule.  Communication gaps riddle engineering companies, and E3.series tools E3.WiringChecks and E3.WiringCockpit is here to facilitate communication between design, checking, commissioning, technicians, and all parties involved after the initial design.  Engineering design is only as good as the downstream stakeholders who check, build, and verify it, and these tools ensure everyone’s input is implemented accurately and completely.

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  • On-Demand Webinar
April 15, 2020
Simplify MCAD Integration for Wire Harness Design

Do you need to move data back and forth between your MCAD and harness design tools and processes?  Design processes that span multiple tool domains require design data to move from one domain to the other to resolve and verify design elements. But, moving data between the two domains can be problematic.  This webinar will look at the challenges and solutions for bridging MCAD and wire harness design.

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  • Webinar
September 27, 2020
MBSE for Wire Harness Design

This webinar will discuss the challenges and best practices of creating a model for the purpose of wire harness and Electronic Control Units (ECU’s) implementation.

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  • 2020 Technical Webinars
April 30, 2020
Harness Builder 2020 Release Update

In this webinar, we will introduce all the new functionality for 2020 Harness Builder for E3.series and summarize some of the more important existing functions in the tool.

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