High-speed Design for CR-8000

High-Speed Design and Analysis Using CR-8000

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CR-8000 is primarily known for its electronic subsystem design with its 3D capabilities, multi-board support, and MCAD integration.  It makes designing an ECU (i.e. Electronic Control Unit) very straightforward.  But under the CR-8000 hood, there are some very powerful high-speed design tools.

This webinar will explore a high-speed design process in CR-8000 that utilizes a constraint browser, topology template, crosstalk estimation, signal and power integrity simulations.  If you need more than that, CR-8000 has 3rd party integrations (e.g. ANSYS and Keysight) that bring in a 3D field solver and more advanced simulation capabilities for DDR5 and SERDES interface designs.

As with any design platform, a best practice design process will provide a higher level of productivity and reduce design errors. CR-8000 provides the high-speed flow starting with Design Gateway and moving into Design Force using the SI/PI analysis modules.

What you will learn:

1)   What are the characteristics of a high-speed design

2)   A best practice high-speed design flow

3)   CR-8000 high-speed design features

4)   Extend your high-speed design environment with ANSYS and Keysight

Who should attend:

  • Design Engineers, Signal Integrity Engineers, PCB Engineers, Engineering Managers, Test Engineers


Name: Lance Wang

Title: Solutions Architect

Company: Zuken USA

Lance Wang is a Solutions Architect in Zuken’s SOZO Center focusing on the CR-8000 product line for high-speed PCB design and signal integrity solutions. Lance has more than 20 years of experience in Signal Integrity analysis and EDA product management.

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