Systems planner webinar

Hardware Architecture Optimization in a Digital Engineering Process



As systems and products become more complex, optimizing the architecture is prior to detailed design is more critical than ever.  Digital Engineering focuses on analysis and verification prior to prototyping.  Entering detailed design with a flawed architecture can lead to schedule and cost overruns plus the additional risk of project cancellation.  CR-8000 System Planner is multi-discipline architecture design and optimization tool built to maximize team collaboration and design trade-off exploration.

This webinar will explore a Digital Engineering process utilizing architecture optimization for functional design, PCB planning, space planning, and parametric targets.  Learn how hardware architecture optimization can improve your product design quality.

What you will learn:

1)   What are multi-disciplinary hardware architecture optimization and analysis

2)   How architecture optimization and analysis can maintain model consistency

3)   PCB system component allocation and space planning benefits

4)   Parametric validation against design requirements

5)  Transiting to detailed design

Who should attend:

  • Systems engineers, architectural engineers, technical and electrical design engineers, engineering managers, product managers, quality assurance, and testing engineers and managers.


Name: Ed Duranty

Title: Solutions Architect

Company: Zuken USA

My decades’ worth of experience has provided me with the opportunity to work with multiple design disciplines and methodologies, which I apply today regularly. I have held positions in design engineering, printed circuit board, and wire harness design.  In my current role as a Solutions Architect, my focus is on the CR-8000 design platform and maximizing its productivity for our customers.  On a day to day basis, I utilize my experiences to solve and support customers worldwide using Zuken tools. When not on the clock, I enjoy spending time with my family, traveling, outdoor activities, and Disneyland.

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