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The Digital Thread Is the Communication Backbone for Digital Engineering

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Many of today’s design processes are paper and email heavy with little traceability back to critical design decisions.  One of the primary reasons for the broad adoption of the Digital Transformation and in turn Digital Engineering is the desire to improve product development.  As products become more complicated, the need for better communication, collaboration and verification are amplified.

This webinar will explore the Digital Thread within the Digital Engineering process.  The Digital Thread is the communication foundation underlying the collaboration and decision-making processes.  With a focus on electrical and electronic design processes, this webinar will consider how the Digital Thread can support an MBSE based design process including design review and requirement verification.

The demonstration will cover Anark’s technical content management and Visual Collaboration capabilities that span procurement, design, manufacturing and field service.  Technical data packages (TDPs) and role-specific digital workflows are used to easily share and communicate system design requirements, and (disposition) these requirements as part of a traceable verification process along with the Digital Thread.

What you will learn:

  1. How a browser-based solution can facilitate digital communications across your organization
  2. How those digital conversations can support the entire product life cycle
  3. How technical data packages can be constructed for the purposes of procurement, design reviews and manufacturing workflows
  4. How visualization and collaboration between electrical and mechanical design teams communicate design intent to meet system requirements.

Who should attend:

Management, systems engineers, electrical or mechanical product owners, and quality assurance and manufacturing members of an organization that need to have better communication and collaboration between teams to improve their products.


Stephen Collins, CEO, and Co-Founder, Anark Corporation

Stephen is co-founder and CEO of Anark and a 25+ year IT industry veteran and entrepreneur with an extensive background in 3D visualization, MBE, and PLM solutions.   During his tenure at Anark, Stephen helped guide Anark through its evolution from innovative 3D web visualization and digital technology developer to the fast-growing, leading provider of automated technical content management, visual collaboration, and digital thread solutions that enable leading global manufacturers to communicate and collaborate more effectively and securely throughout the extended enterprise.

Stephen established the partnership with Zuken to enable Digital Engineering strategies that empower a connected and collaborative Model-Based Enterprise & Digital Thread solutions for Anark-Zuken shared customers such as Lockheed-Martin, Boeing, U.S. Department of Energy, Ericsson, Cisco, United Launch Alliance and more.

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