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All you need for the creation of cable diagrams for machine and vehicle construction

Planning and documentation of cable sets and wire harnesses

E3.cable is used for the creation and documentation of cable plans and cable harnesses. It extends the functionality of E3.schematic and allows you to create a cable harness from individual conductors and wires. Shields and twistings can be assigned both in the graphic and in the logic representation. All changes in the wire harness design are automatically applied to the schematic.



Logical Blocks

E3.cable supports logical blocks. These are dynamic symbols for black boxes, printed circuit boards or other devices with connections via plug contacts. Connectors can be dynamically added to a block or imported from a PCB layout system using a CSV file. For a better overview in the project, blocks can be split and distributed over several sheets. In this case cross-references are automatically created between the distributed sheets.



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Partial Circuits

Individual blocks or entire circuit elements with blocks, symbols, connections and signals can be stored as partial circuits. Partial circuits can in turn be stored as finished components / assemblies in the part library, where they can be retrieved for the easy creation of new circuit diagrams.




Automatic placement of mating connectors

The placement of connectors on existing connections is easily accomplished by drag & drop. When the connector is placed, the matching socket is automatically placed as the “mating connector”. Wires which have already been placed on the connections are duplicated after the insertion of a connector.



New: E3.cable 365

Short-term, flexible licensing. Prices start from £144 / €164 / CHF180/month.

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Adding shields

Shielding of wires or cables is placed with Drag & Drop. Alongside the visual representation in the circuit diagram, shields are also added to the logic in the equipment tree. The same applies to twistings.




Different representations of connectors

To meet the needs of the different types of documentation for design, manufacturing and service, E3.cable supports the definition of multiple views of connectors. Depending on the requirements, these can be top views, side views of the complete connector or even individual pin views. An additional graphic representation of the connector which includes the connector designation is also possible. The different views can be assigned to different documents. Changes to the connector in one view will be immediately reflected in the other views.

Online bills of material – always up to date

The device tree represents the online bill of materials while working. It is permanently up to date and can be output in various formats (Excel, ASCII, XML or on graphic sheets at any time. E3 offers predefined reports and documents such as tables of contents, parts lists, connection lists, cable lists and terminal diagrams. Data can also be exported from E3.series in any format via an integrated programming interface (API). The API is based on Microsoft’s COM technology (COM interface).

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