EMC for PCB Designers

EMC in PCB Design

On-demand webinar

Poor electromagnetic compatibility is one of the main reasons for re-designs of printed circuit boards. Indeed, an estimated 50% of first-run boards fail because they either emit unwanted EM and/or are susceptible to it.

In this presentation, an EMC-oriented PCB design approach is presented, allowing designers to understand which rules will apply to PCB projects and how EMC analysis capabilities can be utilized in the CAD flow to reduce the risk of EMC compliance failure once the board is manufactured.

What you will learn:

  • How to treat EMC during PCB design
  • How to achieve an EMC-compliant PCB design
  • Overview of measurement and advisory tools
    (EMC Adviser EX for CR-8000)

Who should attend:

  • Technical and electrical design engineers
  • Engineering managers
  • PCB designers
  • Academic Researchers
  • Students

Presenter: Ralf Brüning, product manager and senior consultant at Zuken

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