fluid system design - e3.fluid


E3.fluid – Documentation and design of fluid systems

Zuken’s E3.series is used for documenting and detailing electrical and fluid design projects. Its flexibility supports the entire process from definition and design, through manufacturing and maintenance. Its unique object-oriented architecture ensures all stages of the design are fully synchronized.

E3.fluid enables fluid engineers to detail and document their hydraulic, pneumatic, cooling and lubrication schematic designs. Built on the E3.series platform, fluid designs can be developed independently or fully integrated with electrical control systems. E3.fluid enables multi-view functionality for devices found in more than one document.

Special functionality in E3.fluid

  • Integrated fluid and electrical design
  • Standalone fluid design
  • Support for hoses, tubes and piping
  • Automatic quick connectors
  • Intelligent sheet formats
  • Standard pneumatic/hydraulic library
  • Device ID allocation
  • Duplicate ID prevention
  • Correct hose and tube sizing
  • Multi-view functionality


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fluid system design - e3.fluid