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  • Movies

    CADSTAR Movies


    A range of CADSTAR movies are now available to view on-line, including...
    Library // Schematics // PCB Design // Embedded Router // Place & Route Editor // Manufacturing // BoardModeler Lite // CADSTAR FPGA Synchronization.

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  • White Papers

    High-Speed Digital Design with CADSTAR SI Verify and P.R.Editor

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    Plan and Verify your PCB Design for Right-The First-Time Signal Integrity If you do not consider signal integrity in high-speed digital or part-digital PCB design, your prototype will probably not work or will work unreliably...

  • Case Studies

    BAE Systems use CADSTAR to help reduce turret control computer wiring by 98%.

    BAE Systems is a global company engaged in the development, delivery and support of advanced defence and aerospace systems in the air, on land and at sea.

    High-Speed Design Powered by Zuken’s CADSTAR Solution at Xyco

    High-tech electronics outsourcing company Xyco uses Zuken’s CADSTAR PCB software to support their customers with leading edge high-speed technology.

    Malvern Instruments have benefited from CADSTAR Board Modeler Lite by enhancing data collaboration between ECAD and MCAD, and improving manufacturing data.

    As Electronics engineers we often perceive the electronics design encapsulated in the PCB assembly to be the core of the product. At Malvern Instruments, however, that is not the case as their advanced instruments are primarily mechanical in nature so the electronics forms a critical, but secondary, element of the finished product.

    Raymarine chooses CADSTAR for productivity and EMC options

    Raymarine produces a wide range of recreational marine electronics products including Radar and Autopilots.

    TEWS significantly reduces development time and cost of complex high-speed PCBs using concurrent power integrity simulation

    TEWS Technologies encountered challenges around power distribution onPCBs for their embedded interface modules, due to today’s increasingly complex designs. By adding CADSTAR Power Integrity Advance module to their high-speed design flow they are now meeting targets for right-the-first-time designs and achieve rapid compliance with power integrity constraints.

  • Software

    CADSTAR Express V2018.0

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    All the functionality of CADSTAR, limited to 300 pins and 50 components, plus the opportunity to experience Zuken's advanced P.R.Editor XR 2000.

    Available for free, no time constraints...
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    CADSTAR Express - 20,000 Parts Library

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    Example of the online Parts Library that is available with CADSTAR

    CADSTAR Touch Server

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    The CADSTAR Touch Server will handle the communication between your tablet or phone and CADSTAR via Wi-Fi.
    NOTE: You will still also need to download the APP from either the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

    CADSTAR Design Viewer V2018.0

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    The CADSTAR Design Viewer is a free product that lets you share and access CADSTAR design data very easily on any of your preferred Windows platforms. More Details...

  • Articles

    Power Integrity module is a star turn


    TEWS reduced development time and cost of complex high-speed PCBs using concurrent power integrity simulation. Michael Költzow, TEWS Technologies explains how it was done.

    CADSTAR Articles


    What the world is saying about Zuken's CADSTAR.
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  • Tutorials

    CADSTAR 2018.0 Express - Do It Yourself Tutorial

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    To assist you in your evaluation of CADSTAR Express we encourage you to work through the 'Do-It-Yourself' manual and discover the true possibilities of CADSTAR. The manual will guide you through 4 complete PCB Design processes, from schematic capture through to output for manufacturing. The manual also incorporates links to video files to illustrate the key features and ease-of-use of CADSTAR.

  • Datasheets

    Board Modeler Lite


    Board Modeler Lite bridges the process between the MCAD and the ECAD design flow by offering a common platform to communicate between the two disciplines.

    CADSTAR Bundle - Basic


    An integrated schematic and PCB design solution bundle that provides layout specialists with a comprehensive toolset for integrated 3D MCAD/ECAD design.

    CADSTAR Bundle - Lite


    An integrated schematic and PCB design solution bundle available at a very affordable price.

    CADSTAR Bundle - Professional


    CADSTAR Professional is Zuken’s integrated schematic and PCB design solution for HDI and high-speed layout, with advanced layout capabilities that enable the design engineer to quickly and effectively realise design intent.

    CADSTAR Constraint Browser


    As design constraints increase in complexity, CADSTAR Constraint Browser simplifies constraint management by providing a fast and effective method to enter the most complex of rules.

    CADSTAR Design Viewer Plus


    The snap and measure tool enables accurate design data verification

    CADSTAR Dragon Auto-router


    The current climate today means that engineers are increasingly expected to deliver more in less time, continually changing and adapting the way in which they work.

    CADSTAR EMC Adviser


    The CADSTAR EMC Adviser helps designers - EMC specialists and non-specialists alike - to predict, analyze and control design issues that may cause EMC/EMI problems.

    CADSTAR Express


    CADSTAR Express is a FREE Schematic & PCB Design solution from schematics to manufacture within a single, easy to use Windows design environment. It offers all the functionality of the full CADSTAR Design Suite with a limit of 50 components and 300 pins.

    CADSTAR Library Editor


    The CADSTAR Library Editor provides a complete solution for creating and editing symbol, footprints and part information for PCB design.

    CADSTAR PCB Layout


    Easy to learn and fast to use, CADSTAR delivers high performance PCB layout to your desktop.

    CADSTAR Placement Planner


    CADSTAR Placement Planner enables the engineer to engage the placement process during logical circuit design.

    CADSTAR Power Integrity Advance


    CADSTAR Power Integrity Advance provides fast and practical power integrity and electromagnetic interference analysis within the real-time PCB design flow.

    CADSTAR High-speed Place and Route Editor


    Including all of the features and functionality found within Place and Route Editor XR2000, Place and Route Editor XR5000 HS (high-speed) offers specific additional functionality targeted for high-speed PCB design, such as DDR2, DDR3, DDR4 and PCI Express.

    CADSTAR Rules by Area


    The Rules-by-Area package is a powerful extension to the CADSTAR P.R.Editor XR 2000 tool-set that enhances Zuken’s routing technology by allowing the association of different design rules to different areas of the design.

    CADSTAR Redlining


    CADSTAR Redlining allows you to review and mark-up your designs, improve communication between multidisciplinary teams and enables you to add text remarks to the original design.

    CADSTAR Routing Matrix


    Overview of the features deliverd with the several P.R. Editor modules available for CADSTAR.

    CADSTAR Schematic Capture


    CADSTAR Schematic Capture provides a fast, efficient way to capture design intent, rules and constraints for smooth and error-free transition to PCB layout for product realization.

    CADSTAR SI Verify


    Complete post-layout signal integrity simulation toolset.

    CADSTAR Variant Manager


    Design one PCB design or Schematic for various product builds.