PCB Analysis and Verification

Many of today's digital designs incorporate devices and technologies that require complex strategies to maintain signal integrity and reliability, where high-speed interfaces such as DDR and PCI Express impose specific timing demands that can no longer be resolved using traditional methods.

Add-on options:

EMC Adviser

CADSTAR EMC AdviserEMC Adviser checks are driven by a set of in-built EMC rules which check your design for different aspects of EMC, using results from the Field Solver to produce transmission line parameters. The tool analyses the design and produces ratings which indicate the probability of problems occurring in the design. The problematic design items are automatically highlighted in different colors depending on the severity of the problem.

CADSTAR Power Integrity Advance

Power Integrity

CADSTAR Power Integrity Advance provides fast and practical power integrity and electromagnetic interference analysis within the CADSTAR PCB design flow, offering EMI, AC and DC power analysis to help you determine the best decoupling and power distribution strategy for your layout.


Signal Integrity

CADSTAR SI (Signal Integrity) Verify offers a complete pre- and post-layout signal integrity toolset that enables the engineer to organize, constrain, explore and analyze the design to minimize risk, reduce the number of prototypes and shorten development cycles.