Zuken will be in attendance - IPower 3 Conference - Coventry UK

IPower 3 - Electronic Packaging for Net Zero

An IMAP conference, December 2nd, University of Warwick

About IPower 3

One of the most significant challenge a wide range of electrical and electronic based industries will be faced within the next decade will be achieving Net Zero. Getting reliable and fully functional products to market will require electronic and electrical packaging solutions that can operate at higher currents and voltages, faster frequencies and increased temperatures.

This conference will hear from OEMs, material and equipment suppliers and academia about the current and future solutions to meet these demanding requirements.

Conference Theme

The conference will focus on Electronics Packaging for Net Zero, covering topics such as:

  • Materials – Semiconductor and Passive Devices
  • Packaging and Interconnect
  • Power Generation, Conversion and Distribution
  • Energy Storage
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Zuken Tutorial @ IPower 3

Not only will Zuken be exhibiting but also presenting a tutorial during the conference as part of the presentation sessions

  • Title: Addressing the needs for Electric Vehicle (EV) design, new packaging solutions and future challenges
  • Dates / Times: December 2nd,  15:15 – 15:45


The rapidly evolving automotive market, is driving the need to address design challenges and improve efficiency in the electrification area is vital for the EVs to succeed.  The inherent packaging challenges associated with designs incorporating SiC and GaN and 800V power inverters is increasing, becoming a critical aspect in the development of EV systems

Working in collaboration with key industry bodies, industry and government funded projects, Zuken’s EDA offering is evolving to enhance the design process and provide a complete solution for addressing mechanical, electronic, simulation verification, resulting in predictable quality, reliability and time to market.  New packaging architectures are evaluated for their performance, viability and suitability

The session will; analyze the design challenges, review structures such as ribbon and bond wires and introduce how the EDA design solutions are helping EV business to realize their packaging requirements. 

About the Presenter: Nikola Kontic

Nikola Kontic, ZukenNikola Kontic has worked for Zuken for over 30 years helping organizations around the world solve, improve and overcome challenges in their electronic design process and products. His current role as a solutions architect focusses to improving design processes, reducing costs and delivering solutions to aid customers competitive advantages and effectiveness. Developing and working with Zuken’s many technology partners to deliver the complete solutions to customers challenges.

Digital engineering and digital transformation are key areas currently being addressed by many companies and with Zuken’s model based systems engineering solution we can deliver an engineering solution from requirements, system specification, detail design through verification and validation to production. Nik is developing and supporting the customers evolving into this area.