move a via with activ-45 move

Tech-Tip: Enhancement of the Operation that Moves a Via (Activ-45 Move)


A function that pushes tracks away and avoids obstacles when a via is moved has been added. This is a great advantage for the designer when routing. What used to take a lot of time to move a via and traces to a new location has been greatly enhanced using the “Activ-45 Router”.

Move a via while surrounding routing patterns are pushed away. If the track pushed away is an obstacle, it is circumvented.

On the ribbon, click [Home] – [Track] – [Move Track] to start the Move Track command.

On the command dialog, set [Activ-45 Move] to [ON].

Select the target object.

On the canvas, move the cursor in the direction of movement.

Specify a destination on the canvas.
The routing pattern is moved while the connection is kept.

The target objects are as follows:

  • Padstacks (excluding in-component and edited padstacks)

Assist menu

The following assist menu items can be selected by right-clicking the mouse:

  • [Spread] (//ms-its:dforce_gaiyo.chm/gai_context_menu.html#spread)
  • [Switch Tidy Style] (//ms-its:dforce_gaiyo.chm/gai_context_menu.html#tidy_style)
  • [Undo] (//ms-its:dforce_gaiyo.chm/gai_context_menu.html#undo”)
  • [Exit] (//ms-its:dforce_gaiyo.chm/gai_context_menu.html#end”)

The following video will show a quick demonstration of this:

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Jeff Perry
Jeff Perry
Applications Engineer at Zuken USA.