MCAD and ECAD speak the same language with CADSTAR Board Modeler Lite

CADSTAR Board Modeler LiteJanuary 10, 2012 – Munich, Germany and Westford, MA, USA – Zuken announces a new version of Board Modeler Lite that offers significant productivity enhancements during board layout design.

Board Modeler Lite 6.1 – available now with CADSTAR 13.0 – bridges the process between MCAD and ECAD design flows by offering a common platform to communicate between the two disciplines. Board Modeler Lite helps resolve issues during the exchange of data between mechanical and electronic design and provides a forum during PCB layout to conduct electromechanical analysis early in the design process, with accurate 3D measurement and interference checks.

Improved productivity and performance

Improvements to Board Modeler Lite’s user interface and interactive editing of 3D models include subtraction, fillet, and chamfer of component bodies to improve accuracy of assembly inspection. Other editing enhancements include modifying part origins to remedy discrepancies between MCAD and ECAD libraries. Board Modeler Lite includes support for the SpaceNavigator 3D mouse to enhance the visual navigation of 3D designs and component models.

With Board Modeler Lite, both MCAD and ECAD departments can now check the physical constraints using visualization and analysis at any point of the design process. Because an accurate model of the PCB and its detailed 3D components is transferred, users can easily check for any potential collisions between the PCB and its surroundings.

Jeroen Leinders, CADSTAR distribution manager

Reduce modeling effort with 3D Model Wizard

Board Modeler Lite includes a 3D Model Wizard for parametric part creation of common component packages and custom programmable devices, such BGAs and FPGAs, as well as connectors, diodes, LEDs, transistors and more. Models created can be stored in STEP or SAT format, and can be reused as part of a common library for Board Modeler Lite and 3D MCAD systems.

New features in CADSTAR 13.0

Board Modeler Lite 6.1 and CADSTAR Board Modeler Lite 3D Wizards are among several new modules and upgrades available in CADSTAR version 13.0. Key feature enhancements in CADSTAR 13.0 include: improved drill drawing creation; improved DXF import; improved features for high-speed routing; and an IDF interface.

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CADSTAR Board Modeler Lite

Control visibility of individual components using a new View column within the Parts tab of the Control Panel

CADSTAR Board Modeler Lite

Create and modify 3D models within Board Modeler Lite

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