Zuken Training

SI Analysis and PI EMI Analysis for EEs Training


2-day comprehensive course

This is a comprehensive and very in-depth 2-day training course. This course may be scheduled at the customer site or Zuken’s Westford, MA office. Details for scheduling should be discussed with your account manager.


  • Overview of Design Force SI Analysis
    • Managing Simulation Models
      • Overview of Simulation Libraries, Importing IBIS Models, Adding Vendors, Creating and Managing Models
    • Performing Post-Layout Analysis
      • Defining Characteristics, Setting up Components, Models and Signals, Checking Voltages and Topologies, Performing Analysis, Viewing Results in the Constraints Browser
    • Using Electrical Editor
      • Overview, Creating Scenario Data, Assigning Models, Assigning Stimulus, Applying Topologies, Crosstalk Analysis and Parameter Sweep
    • Using Analysis Result Viewer
      • Overview, Opening and Reviewing Results
  • Overview of the Design Force PI/EMI Analysis Feature
    • Preparing for Analysis
      • Exploring Layer Configurations, Simulation Models, Settings and More…
    • EMI Analysis
      • Settings, Attributes, Verification of Coupling Noise and Mode Noise
    • PI Analysis
      • Settings, Checking Impedance and Distribution, Effects of Decoupling Caps, Routing Impact
    • DC Analysis
      • Settings, Supply and Consumption Sources, Checking Voltage and Current Distribution

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