Multi-disciplinary Collaboration

Overcome the boundaries of engineering silos

Communicate and coordinate activities early on in the engineering process

With the growing complexity of modern products, machinery and equipment, it becomes imperative that all engineering disciplines communicate and coordinate activities early on in the engineering process. The traditional practice of mechanical, electrical and electronic engineers working in silos – then consolidating efforts late in the development process – is no longer viable for successful companies.


We can help you with

A single source of truth

Through the integration of our engineering data management solutions with mechanical PDM and PLM product structures, configurations and versions can be continuously controlled and synchronized. This helps to avoid costly rework and save valuable time-to-market.

ECAD/MCAD data exchange

Our engineering toolsets support exchange of information with mechanical and software engineering environments. This enables mechanical, electrical and electronic engineers to work together in the same environment and communicate changes at any given point in the process.

PLM and ERP integration

Interdisciplinary collaboration requires a continuous synchronization of configurations and data versions between engineering disciplines. Built on industry standard object-oriented architecture, our solutions are fully equipped to integrate into existing PDM/PLM and ERP environments, providing a true electromechanical data model.

Our satisfied customers

Today, we are in a position to produce detailed cable harness drawings and bill of materials that the supplier can directly use for harness manufacturing.

Michael BlumeHead of Technical Applications, IT Department at KRONE

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