Overcome Component Obsolescence and Availability with Zuken DS-CR



One of the biggest problems facing companies that design and produce electronic products is component obsolescence and availability. There is nothing worse than finding out that there is a supply issue with a design component at a late-stage design review or early pilot run.

The key to avoiding these issues is integrating an excellent data source such as SiliconExpert directly with your ECAD part library.  Some benefits are:

  • Part structure is modeled correctly. The library understands Manufacturer part numbers, Company part numbers, ECAD library parts, and their relationship.
  • SiliconExpert information is stored directly in the library structure.
  • The necessary information is available directly in the authoring tools where the decision to place apart on the schematic is made.

What will attendees see in the demonstration?

  • How easy it is to capture SiliconExpert metadata at the point of ECAD library part creation
  • The advantages gained by eliminating manual data entry for both lifecycle and parametric data
  • How a managed library data interacts with downstream authoring tools such as schematic capture


shawn-larson-zuken-usa-150x150-1Shawn Larson – Senior Technical Fellow, Zuken

Shawn Larson is one of the technical leads for the DS product line working primarily on data management implementations. He helps customers to get the right design data in the right place at the right time. Shawn enjoys good jazz, classic rock, and all seasons in New Hampshire’s White Mountains.


vernondenslerVernon Densler – Senior Technical Fellow, SiliconExpert

Vernon Densler is Senior Technical Fellow at SiliconExpert. He has been with SiliconExpert since 2018 and previously spent 18 years at Northrop Grumman as both a Systems Engineer and Manager in charge of Obsolescence Management and Spares & Repairs. Vernon holds a BS in Computer Information Systems, Management from Florida Institute of Technology. Vernon frequently speaks at industry events and symposiums, where he is able to use his experience in the Parts Management field to assist in furthering best practices and the Parts Management discipline.


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