Pegatron Establishes New CR-8000 Design Flow

Major Taiwanese DMS Company Pegatron Establishes New PCB Design Flow through Technical Cooperation with Zuken

Pegatron Ready for Design and Manufacturing Orders Using CR-8000 Data

pegatron-logo-247-8016 September 2014 – Yokohama, Japan; Munich, Germany; and Westford, MA, USA – Zuken Inc. has announced that major Taiwanese Design and Manufacturing Services (DMS) company has built a new design environment centering on CR-8000 Design Force based on a technical partnership with Zuken.

Pegatron adopted Zuken’s CR-8000 in 2012, and through technical cooperation with Zuken they integrated advanced automated design functions into CR-8000 Design Force based on design, verification and manufacturing know-how cultivated through many years of experience. As a result, remarkable achievements have already been made in terms of shortened project lead times and quality improvements. Based on these results, Pegatron has determined that their new PCB design flow based on CR-8000 exhibits performance far superior to that of other existing design systems and, moving forward, the company plans to accelerate full-out deployment efforts.

Pegatron is now offering contracted design and manufacturing services to its customers through direct utilization of CR-8000 and CR-5000 data. They will exchange design data with their customers in CR-5000/CR-8000 data format. In addition to circuit board patterns, use of CR-8000 and CR-5000 data enables the direct transfer of design constraints specified by Pegatron customers, and detail such as circuit board technical information to achieve advantages such as significantly increased design and manufacturing quality, and a reduction in iterations which cause design changes. This has enabled Pegatron to offer customers even higher quality as well as faster design and manufacturing services in pursuit of greater numbers of orders from major electronics companies who use Zuken’s CR-8000 and CR-5000 in Japan and other parts of Asia, the Americas, and Europe.

We received the following comment from Mr. Steven Huang, Senior Director RD Center-EA, SIM & CAE Division of Pegatron: “Previous CAD architecture had already become dated and we were encountering limitations in our ability to respond to new circuit board technologies, and in keeping up with the latest software technologies. We have nothing but high praise for the Zuken development team, who produced results through active efforts under Pegatron proprietary technical requirements, and the outstanding flexibility of CR-8000, which has enabled us to pursue expanded functionality on our own. We are confident that utilizing this data and transferring design data will help us to expand our company’s business.”

Moving forward, Zuken will continue to serve as a technical partner to Pegatron by contributing towards further expansion of their contracted design and manufacturing service operations .

The accomplishments at Pegatron are scheduled to be announced at Zuken Innovation World 2014, which will be held on October 16 and 17 at The Yokohama Bay Hotel Tokyu, Yokohama, Japan.

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