Discovering the Power of CR-8000 2023 for Advanced PCB Design

Discovering the Power of CR-8000 2023 for Advanced PCB Design



Join us to explore the groundbreaking enhancements of Zuken’s CR-8000 2023, designed for high-density, high-speed PCB designs. Dive deep into its advanced capabilities seamlessly integrated analysis tools, and focus on ensuring enhanced design efficiency and accuracy.

What you will learn:

  • Introduction to CR-8000 2023: Learn how this release will revolutionize your PCB design process.
  • Streamlined Design Creation: Discover the seamless design sheet integration, enhanced security features, and design reuse capabilities.
  • Expanded Design Efficiencies in Layout: Delve into the control area fill and expanded contour routing functionalities.
  • Powerful Analysis Capabilities: Understand the consolidated bundles for signal integrity, power integrity, and EMI analysis.
  • Dive into Detailed Analysis: Unpack comprehensive signal integrity analysis and the complete spectrum of PCB-level EMI and Power Analysis tools.

Who should attend:

  • PCB Design Engineers and Managers
  • Electronic Design Automation Professionals
  • Hardware Designers and Developers
  • Electronics Manufacturing Leaders”


Steve WattSteve Watt – Application Engineering Manager

Steven Watt is a PCB Engineering Manager for Zuken USA, Inc. He has more than 25 years of experience in the printed circuit board design industry with an emphasis on IC packaging. Steve has a diverse work background, including several EDA companies, Boeing, Motorola, and McDonnell Douglas.

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