Mesh Plane with Template Area Fill using CR-8000 Design Force

Tech Tip: Support for Mesh Plane with Template Area Fill Using CR-8000 Design Force 2020 or Later


As shown above, a hatch ground plane is a latticework of copper with regular openings at regular intervals. Connections, such as power or ground, are made to this cross-hatched plane in the same way they are made in solid planes. There are many times when a designer wishes to add meshing to his copper fill, especially when designing flex and rigid-flex circuits. It is now possible to use the convenience and advantages of creating copper using templates with the ability to add mesh to that copper. Previous releases allowed only meshing to be added to the copper pour created manually, not using a template. So, this is a major enhancement incorporated into CR-8000 Design Force.

I will now demonstrate this in the following video.

Jeff Perry
Jeff Perry
Applications Engineer