Power Integrity Analysis

Tech Tip: CR-8000 Power Integrity Analysis


CR-8000 Design Force contains power integrity analysis features for product power delivery designs and verifications. This video shows how to launch the tool, perform the analysis for power and ground plane impedance, IR-Drop, and DC-R distributions.

Within a decade, power supply system design issues have increased rapidly due to smaller product size, low- and energy-saving requirements, more parallel interface memory designs, and lower costs. The modern product design requires power delivery system analysis and verification.

CR-8000 Design Force power integrity capabilities enable the design engineers to analyze and verify the power delivery system through impedance and DC voltage/current distributions. Virtual DC source and virtual decap features provide a path for what-if analysis and validation.

This video shows how to launch PI/EMI tool, how to perform the impedance distribution, and DC voltage/current analysis.

CR-8000 Design Force Power Integrity capability helps the engineers to understand the design situations, analyze the different options, as well as verify the product functionalities.

Lance Wang
Lance Wang
Lance Wang is a solutions architect at the Zuken SOZO Center. He supports the CR-8000 product line, mainly focusing on high-speed PCB design and signal integrity features. When not behind the keyboard or in front of customers, he is a Tom Brady fan and enjoys playing ping pong in his spare time.