Adding a Frame in Design Gateway

Tech Tip: Adding a Frame in Design Gateway to Export a SPICE Netlist


Running a SPICE simulation on your analog circuit is a must to make sure your circuit is working as expected. Design Gateway, Analog Simulation option can export a SPICE netlist of the schematic sheet, or just the part of the circuit you wish to export. This will save you time in redrawing the circuit in your SPICE tool and is sure to be an accurate snapshot of your design. I will show you how to export just the part of the schematic you need to check. You must first draw a frame around the part of the circuit you wish to export a SPICE netlist from. Once the frame is finished you can now specify the framed area to export. You will need to set the voltages and signals. When that is done you export the circuit netlist. Inside the Analog Simulation Manager, you can set up your independent sources, and any other parameters before running the simulation in your SPICE tool.

Brian Gilman
Brian Gilman
Applications Engineer
Brian Gilman is an applications engineer, supporting customers with CR-8000/CR-5000 training and consulting. He works directly with the customers on a daily basis helping them work through the technical challenges they face. He loves to ski and must be on the first chairlift in the morning to lay down the first tracks on fresh powder.