Signal Integrity / power Integrity

Verification and Validation

Ensure that designs meet performance requirements

Embrace High Speed Design with Confidence

Many of today’s digital designs incorporate devices and technologies that require complex strategies to maintain signal integrity and reliability, where high-speed interfaces such as DDR and PCI Express impose specific timing demands that can no longer be resolved using traditional methods.

CR-8000 Design Gateway

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Signal Integrity Analysis

Pre- and post-layout signal and power integrity toolsets that enable the engineer to organize, constrain, explore and analyze the design to minimize risk, reduce the number of prototypes and shorten development cycles.

EMI and Power Integrity Analysis

Fast and practical power integrity and electromagnetic interference analysis for EMI, AC and DC power analysis to determine the best decoupling and power distribution strategy.

Advanced Design Rule Checking

Zuken’s Advance Design Rule Management (ADM) system checks that designs are produced in accordance with component mounting and manufacturing specifications early in the design process, and concurrently as the work progresses.

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