CR-8000/CR-5000 Design Gateway


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Objective of Course

Create a Circuit Diagram and forward it to PCB System


  • Create a Circuit Diagram in Multi Sheet Mode
    • User Interface, Tear off Toolbars/Dialogs/Panels
    • Sheet Settings
    • Grafical Issues , Cascade Windows
    • Search and Place Components and Symbols
    • Place Multi Component
    • Wiring
    • Net/Bus Objects
    • Global Ports
    • Sheet Connectors
    • Using Attributes
    • Checking
    • E-Net Browser
    • Clearance Setting Tool
    • Design Variation Management
  • Create a Circuit Diagram in Hierarchical Mode
    • Top-Down Method (Shared Design)
    • Bottom-Up Method (Shared Design)
    • Global Symbols
    • Target Function Type
  • Cross communication with CR-5000 Board Designer


Recommended for all CAE designers




Zuken S.A., 3 avenue du Canada , Bâtiment Theta 2, ZI de Courtaboeuf, Les Ulis, 91940, France

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