E3.series 2018 Update Training


Working knowledge of Version 2017


To become familiar with the new functionality of Version 2018-1900


  • Modifications to Preview Function
  • Enhancements to the Device Table
  • User-defined Line Styles for all Graphics
  • Export Subcircuits with Structure Nodes
  • Terminal Plan: Internal/External Definition
  • Rename Dynamic Cables and Wires
  • Filter Objects in Selected Area
  • Overwrite Signals of Block Connectors
  • Defining Symbol Order Has Been Improved
  • Display Pin-related Properties on Symbols
  • Panel: Modifications for Placing/Deleting Variant Positions
  • Panel: Consider Signal and Name Equivalence when Routing
  • Formboard: Table Symbols for Normal Devices
  • Topology: Place within Installation Space
  • Topology: Shared Sheets like in Panel/Formboard

Length of Seminar

1 day