E³.schematic Training

Creating Circuit Diagrams


This training is for users who:

  • Design circuit diagrams 
  • Are responsible for the E³.series library


  • Knowledge of your operating system used.

What You Learn

During this training session you will learn all about working with E³.schematic to create circuit diagrams.


  • E³.schematic overview 
  • E³.schematic editor 
  • Modifying drawing parameters 
  • Working with sub-circuits 
  • Handling components and symbols, placing, exchanging and assigning 
  • Creating signal cross-references 
  • Electrical components: selecting, searching, rotating and deleting 
  • Connections: T- and star connections and deleting connections 
  • Assigning attributes to connections, components and symbols 
  • Graphical elements and text 
  • Default reports and lists 
  • Exercises

Training Length

  • The action packed training lasts for a full two days.

Advanced Training

  • E³.cable – Cabling documentation with E³.series 
  • E³. panel – Panel layout and wiring 
  • E³.dbe – Creating symbols and components 
  • E³.panel dbe – creating dodels for the panel layout 
  • E³.series Component Object Model (COM) Methods