E³.dbe (database)

Create Symbols and Components for Electrical Engineering


This training is for uses who:

  • Design cabling plans
  • Are responsible for the E³.series library


  • Knowledge of your operating system used.

What You Learn

  • During this training session you will learn about the E³.series system environment.


  • E³.series overview
  • E³.series Editor 
  • Database Editor mode 
  • Creating... 
    • Symbols 
    • Simple components 
    • Connectors with their mating connectors, views and documentation graphics 
    • Cables 
    • Single wires (wire groups) 
    • Terminals 
    • Predefined sub circuits 
    • Sheet formats 
    • Special symbols 
  • Maintaining... 
    • Attribute tables 
    • Sheet text tables 
    • Color tables 
    • Cross-section tables 
  • Exercises

Training length

  • This action packed training last for three days.

Advanced Training

  • E³.cable – Cabling documentation with E³.series 
  • E³. panel – Panel layout and wiring 
  • E³.dbe (database) – Creating symbols and components 
  • E³.API – Using E³.series’ COM methods with Visual Basic script