E³.series Component Object Model (COM) Methods - Advanced Programmers


This training is for users who: 

  • Are responsible for the E³.series installations
  • Want to vertically and/or horizontally integrate E³.series


  • Knowledge in English, of your operating system used,
  • Knowledge of all interactive E³.series functions
  • Good Visual Basic scripting skills
  • Experience programming E³.series applications.
  • Knowledge of the programming possibilities within E³.series

What You Learn

  • During this training session you will learn how to interface E³.series with MS Windows applications.
  • You will also learn to overcome some of the specific issues that system integrators encounter on a daily basis relating to this topic.


  • VBS classes (related to E³.series and in general)
  • Dictionary objects (related to E³.series and in general)
  • WSC Windows scripting components (related to E³.series and in general)
  • E³.Tools
    • Dialog
    • IO Dialog
    • List Box Dialog
    • VBS Forms

Training length

  • This action packed training lasts for one day.

Advanced Training