E³.series Component Object Model (COM) Methods


This training is for users with programming skills who:

  • Are responsible for E³.series installations
  • Want to vertically and/or horizontally integrate E³.series


  • Good programming experience in Visual Basic scripting or in another object oriented programming language
  • Knowledge in English of your operating system used
  • Knowledge of all interactive E³.series functions

What you learn

  • During this training session you will learn how to extract from and edit E³.series projects using VB script data
  • You will also learn how to create relevant data in E³.series and edit via COM.


  • Overview: E³.series COM methods
  • E³.series elements/classes
  • Application interface (Application)
  • Project methods (Project)
  • Sheet (Sheet)
  • External documents (External Document)
  • Component codes (Component) 
  • Devices (Device)
  • Symbols (Symbol)
  • Pins (Pin)
  • Connections (Connection)
  • Net segments (Net Segment)
  • Signals (Signal)
  • Texts (Text) 
  • Graphics (Graph)
  • Attributes (Attribute)
  • Exercises

Training length

 This action packed training lasts for a full two days.

Advanced trainings

  •  E³.series Component Object Model (COM) Methods - Advanced Program