CR-5000 Administration/Customization Workshop


Basic knowledge of CR-5000 working practice; participation in at least one basic CR-5000 training "System Designer", "Board Designer" or "Components, Technologies, Rules" is recommended.


Understanding of the CR-5000 system structure

Topics  Covered


  • Software installation, Setup of Library Server

System Designer :

  • resource-files Configuration *.rsc Files
  • CDB to LCDB
  • User Interface Configuration
  • Output of lists from Listen SD *.frm Files
  • Symbol Select Menu

Board Designer:

  • resource-files Configuration *.rsc Files
  • Design-File-Manager *.rsc Files
  • Import New Tool into the Design-File-Manager
  • Default settings for new Layouts
  • Adjust User Interface
  • BOM Output Format definition

CDB Library:

  • Property and Symbol entries
  • resource-files configuration *.rsc Files
  • Database Manipulation Programs


Recommended training session for all Library and CAD Application managers.