Improve Flex PCB Manufacturing Productivity with Better DFM Checks

On-demand webinar

This webinar will discuss the challenges of producing a manufacturable Flex design as well as provide information on a tool based solution to address these challenges. Flex designs create challenges for most PCB tools in that the traditional PCB object checks do not account for the nuances of Flex checks. Flex designs present a new set of objects that are best accounted for in the design phase. Many designers find themselves having to incorporate changes after their design data has been sent to manufacturing for build. The manufacturer finds themselves in the position of performing the Flex based checks on the design and feeding the issues back to the designer. This can be an iterative loop. This delays product release and build. By working with manufacturer up front to incorporate their knowledge base into an intelligent checking engine the iterative information can be reduced or eliminated and these rules can be evolved as more information is shared to allow even the most unseasoned Flex designer to produce a valid design. The demonstration will examine the creation and implementation of complex Flex rules and show how these rules can be validated in a Flex design.

What you’ll learn:

  • The challenges that designers face with PCB check limitations and Flex rules.
  • The benefits of collaboration between design and manufacturing early in the design phase to minimize schedule risk.
  • Incorporating manufacturing expertise into a repeatable environment for checking.
  • The methodology for executing these Flex checks in a PCB design environment.

Who should watch:

  • Engineering managers
  • PCB/Flex design engineers
  • Manufacturing engineers
  • Etc.


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