SAE 2015 World Congress

Zuken Joins Automotive Industry Leaders to Address Sector Challenges

9 April 2015 – Munich, Germany and Westford, MA, USA – This spring Zuken joins some of the best and most influential minds in the automotive industry to address current challenges in the sector. Reinhold Blank, Business Director Automotive at Zuken, speaks at two key industry events to discuss solutions for automotive electrical/electronic design challenges. These include reducing cost and weight in wiring harness design while increasing functionality, and managing high-speed design interfaces as a global team.

These events, are great opportunities for us to share experiences and discuss future requirements, as well as potential solutions, with leading automotive experts.

Reinhold Blank Business Director Automotive at Zuken

“These events, held in the automotive strongholds of Detroit, USA and Ludwigsburg, Germany, are great opportunities for us to share experiences and discuss future requirements, as well as potential solutions, with leading automotive experts”, said Reinhold Blank, Business Director Automotive at Zuken. “Many attendees are customers since Zuken has a market share of around 40 percent worldwide in the area of electrical schematics in automotive. As part of our automotive growth strategy, we are working hard to extend our technical and market leadership in this area.”

Zuken at SAE World Congress, Detroit, USA, April 21-23, 2015

Zuken’s Automotive Business Director Reinhold Blank shared insights from more than 25 years’ experience in the industry with his contributions:

  • A tour of some of the hidden areas where the potential for cost savings has yet to be realized, in: “How to save $20 per car by Optimization of the E/E System” (April 21, 1:00pm)
  • In “EE Architecture – the Real Competence Field for Automotive OEMs”, Blank showcases an approach recently adopted by several OEMs that has resulted in increases in quality, cost savings, and efficiency (April 22, 8.30am).

For full abstracts and event details see:

Blank also participated in the 3rd International Congress On-board Power Supplies in the Automobile (3. Fachkongress Bordnetze im Automobil), Ludwigsburg, Germany, on March 24-25. He discussed “Optimization of variants – the not yet (completely) tapped optimization potential in on-board power supply development.”

Foundations for innovation

The company is building on a history of innovative solutions for the automotive sector; Zuken was recently named as part of a winning team for electric vehicle research. The CATRENE Innovation Award was given for “Most Innovative Project in 2014” to the EM4EM (ElectroMagnetic Reliability and Electronic Systems for Electro Mobility) team, for which Zuken was the EDA industry representative.

Ralf Bruening, project team leader for Zuken, shared his experiences at IEEE EMC&SI 2015 speaking on: “A Multistage Power Integrity Surgery for Designing Complex Automotive Electronic Control Units.”

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