Cabinet Design with E3.Panel

Cabinet Design with E3.Panel

On-demand webinar: Control Cabinet Design

In this on-demand webinar, participants will learn how to design control cabinets using 2D and 3D templates, perform quick and easy mass placement of components, automatically complete terminal strips, replace standard terminals with multi-level terminals, and create variants of a control cabinet placement.

In addition, the implementation of automatic cabinet routing, taking into account voltage levels and wire assignment to signals is also demonstrated.
Further topics include the output of wiring lists and data packages for Komax wire-processing machines and digitally guided routing using E3.WiringCockpit and final inspection with E3.WiringCheck.

E3.panel offers an easy-to-use solution for the true-to-scale construction of cabinets, control panels, and their wiring. E3.panel is a fully integrated add-on option to E3.schematic and E3.cable. All required production data such as cable and wire lists, drilling and crimping data as well as any type of report are automatically generated in the software.

What you will learn:

  • Cabinet design using templates in 2D and 3D
  • Quick and easy placement of components
  • Automatic routing

Presenter: Tim Brown, business development engineer at Zuken


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