3D Wire Harness Topology Exploration and Optimization

3D Wire Harness Topology Exploration and Optimization

On-demand webinar

This webinar will cover optimizing wire harness designs to meet targeted weight and cost objectives which is a complex and challenging task. One of the most time-consuming aspects is the consolidation of different data sources into one consistent representation. Topology data has been known to require an intense effort for consolidation, as different segments must be combined into a single representation and then routed manually in a 3D environment (e.g. CATIA® or Siemens NX®).

Zuken’s innovative E3.WiringSystemLab simplifies this complex task with direct 3D data modeling capabilities allowing for design exploration with the comparison of different routing schemes. Each routing scheme can be compared based on cost, weight and manufacturing estimates. The result is a substantial reduction in process time and optimized designs.

The demonstration will include quick overview of tool GUI and importing native CATIA topology and connectivity. The process to modify the pathways, packaging, and portioning and generate reports that compare the results. Further demonstrations will include starting with an incomplete design and building from the connectivity editor.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to utilize E3.WireSystemLab for a substantial reduction of ramp-up and optimization cycles for wiring harness engineers.
  • The benefits of many supported topology and connectivity data formats.
  • Understand the ease of typical topology modification tasks, such as inserting connectors, packaging components by drag and drop or 3D mirroring.
  • The advantages of E3.WiringSystemLab and how it provides powerful concept evaluation capabilities to compare different implementation approaches.

Who should watch:

  • Technical and electrical design engineers
  • Engineering managers
  • Product managers
  • Quality assurance
  • Testing engineers and managers
  • etc.


Codie Cobb is a Applications Engineer supporting Zuken E3.series products. Codie has a background of 6+ years in electrical harness/system design, harness manufacturing, and Supplier Quality. Although he loves to help customers eliminate waste and improve design processes, his true passion lies in spending time with his family and traveling the world to play Pokémon.

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