Zuken Training

Design Gateway Destination Manager Training


1/2-day DG add-on module

This course is designed to give the user a solid understanding of Hierarchy Design using Design Gateway. This course may be scheduled at the customer site or Zuken’s Westford, MA office. Details for scheduling should be discussed with your account manager.


  • Hierarchy Process Overview
  • Definition Hierarchy
  • Instance Hierarchy
  • Top-down Process in Detail
    • Hierarchy – Generate Sheet Symbol
    • Modify Block
    • Push Down in Definition Mode
    • Build Definition Circuit
    • Add Instances of Blocks
    • Hierarchy Attributes
  • Bottom-up Process in Detail
    • Create New Circuit with Hierarchical Connectors
    • Hierarchy – Generate Entire Sheet Block
    • Trying Top-down and Bottom-up Blocks to Connectors on Top Sheet
  • Page Numbering
  • Cross Referencing at the Symbol Block and Hierarchical Connectors (with Sheet Connectors using Data Converter)
  • Sheet Numbers Can Be Displayed within Block Symbol

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