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In product development the most important decisions are made up-front. If the right decisions are made early on, it is more likely that a new product introduction will succeed. If corrective action has to be taken later, time-to-market goals may be missed and profitability could be compromised. With our solutions we support front-loading of critical decisions to avoid rework, delays and unplanned costs in the product development process.


We can help achieve superior results through

Frontloading of critical decisions

Our design tools enable front-loading of design constraints and specifications to the design creation process and sophisticated design automation capabilities for physical layout. This will increase efficiency and ensure quality through streamlined collaboration across design and production stages.

Increased efficiency through design reuse

A proven method of increasing engineering and cost efficiency is to re-use existing designs as a basis for new products. To bring this concept to full bearing, a reliable tracking mechanism is required that enables full transparency of where used and change history.

Change management

Complex products and supply chains require structured change processes. We provide sophisticated ECAD/MCAD collaboration capabilities coupled with reliable information process management to enable efficient communcation of change and configurations across the extended enterprise.

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