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June 7, 9:15 AM 

Mr. Nicolas Chaillan
Mr. Nicolas Chaillan, former Chief Software Officer of the United States Air Force and Space Force

Mr. Nicolas Chaillan, former Chief Software Officer of the United States Air Force and Space Force, will deliver the keynote address for the combined general session.

Currently serving as CTO of Prevent Breach, Mr. Chaillan will share how his team implemented agile software innovation and DevSecOps across the largest organization on the planet and how this approach was incorporated on multiple systems such as jet fighters, bombers, and even nuclear programs. Along with that change came significant benefits that he will share which include a culture shift, improved efficiency, reduced time to deployment, and billions in savings of taxpayer dollars.

June 7, 10:15 AM – All Levels

Instructor: Kazuhiro Kariya, Chief Technical Officer,  Zuken


This session will explain Zuken’s position from the view of the history of technology challenges in the past. The latest Zuken product portfolio and the direction of Zuken will be introduced. And the new challenges on going will be explained with some topics.

June 7, 1:00 PM – Beginner

Instructor: Mike Montalvo, Applications Engineer

Mike Montalvo is an E3.series applications engineer helping customers leverage E3.series to accelerate their design and production goals. His work focuses on providing post-sale support and integration. He is a certified tower climber and voluntarily climbs for a non-profit that maintains amateur radio equipment around the state.


Panel Builder for E3.series helps drive manufacturing on the shop floor by leveraging the engineering data captured in E3.series during the design process. Utilized during the manufacturing of panels and cabinets, Panel Builder for E3.series guides users to make connections and track completeness wire by wire. The application also includes outputs for various reports and tight integration with wire cut/strip/mark machines.

In this class, you will learn to drive intelligent manufacturing and assembly processes to unlock the next level of productivity improvement using Panel Builder for E3.series. This class will outline the typical use cases, advantages, overall operation, and system requirements for Panel Builder for E3.series

June 7, 2:00 PM – Beginner

Instructor: Codie Cobb, Program Manager

Codie Cobb is a program manager, supporting E3.series products and helping customers eliminate waste and improve their design processes. His work focuses on assisting customers in defining solutions to overcome challenges and implementing a solution. His true passion lies in spending time with his family and traveling the world to play Pokemon competitively.


What are the essential parts of the manufacturing process? The answer differs by the role of the person answering the question. Creating a design with details to drive manufacturing and assembly automation is essential for success. E3.series provides multiple options to generate data to drive manufacturing and aid that post-process as a leading single platform solution for taking designs from concept to manufacturing.

In this class, we will learn how to use the tools offered within the E3.series suite that can help you bridge the gap between the design engineer and your shop floor. E3.HarnessAnalyzer, E3.WiringChecks, and E3.Connectivity Browser offers many options to enable intelligent service and manufacturing options that we can explore in this class.

June 7, 3:00 PM – All Levels

Instructor: Jon Dermont, Technical Account Manager

Jon Dermont is a technical account manager with Zuken USA. He works with E3.series, specializing in harness design and manufacturing. Jon helps customers understand how the tools work to maximize the value of their investment. In his spare time, he enjoys making music and PC gaming.


Harness Builder for E3.series is a powerful and easy-to-use add-on application plugging into the industry-proven E3.series toolset from Zuken. Created explicitly for harness manufacturers, it excels at capturing and improving almost all aspects of the quote-design-manufacture process. The question is, what is the next step in design-manufacturing productivity? The next step towards greater productivity must increase collaboration between design and manufacturing teams.

In 2022, in addition to introducing many new features, Harness Builder for E3.series unlocks a new level of productivity, cost savings, and collaboration potential from quote-to-manufacturing. The breakthrough Cloud Collaborator, in conjunction with Harness Builder for E3.series, provides an excellent platform to augment the wire harness design process.

In this class, we will showcase the latest collaboration options with Harness Builder for E3.series and Cloud Collaborator. This class will also introduce critical new features and summarize the essential existing functions in the toolset.

June 7, 4:00 PM – Beginner

Instructor: Alex Bitzer, Applications Engineer

Alex Bitzer is an applications engineer covering both the Zuken Global Support Hotline and delivering web and in-person training. Her work focuses on educating both new and experienced customers on the workings of E3.series. In her spare time, she loves to make props for cosplaying and attend conventions.


Cloud Collaborator for E3.series provides users with a fast, secure, simple, and cost-effective way to organize project information and related files using a convenient and simple desktop application. With built-in configuration options, users can be consistent with data management and design for ease of sharing. It works with all of the modules of E3.series, including E3.cable, E3.formboard, E3.panel, and Harness Builder for E3.series. Cloud Collaborator for E3.series can now also integrate with E3.redliner, outputting and storing the information along with the project files.

In this class, the users will learn how to navigate through the Cloud Collaborator plugin for E3.series. Allowing for an understanding of how to create and manage projects, and files, keeping your design under revision, and version control without ever having to leave the E3.series application.

June 8, 8:00 AM


Zuken-360 is a conversation with the Zuken leadership team in a close-up and personal setting. There is no presentation or set agenda, only your questions driving the conversation. Please join us for this highly interactive and engaging session.

June 8, 9:00 AM – All Levels – Partner Session

Instructor: Roger Richardson, HarnessWorks

Roger Richardson, CEO of HarnessWorks. Over 30 years of experience delivering custom automation solutions for manufacturers globally.


The term ‘Digital Thread’ was first used in the Global Horizons 2013 report by the United States Air Force Global Science and Technology Vision Task Force. It was used to describe software architecture that reduces manufacturing time and production costs while improving quality and providing better post-sale service support.

Contextualized for wire harness assembly, an example of the ‘Digital Thread’ includes CAD design tools such as Zuken’s Harness Builder for E3.series. It empowers manufacturers to create accurate quotations/estimates, full nail board/pegboard documentation, drive testing, digital assembly, and automated wire preparation machines.

During this seminar, we’ll be focused on extending the digital thread by improving the transfer of knowledge from Engineer to Technician. When asked what’s the most difficult aspect of building a wire harness, most technicians point to the meticulously detailed paper drawings they rely on for work instructions.

Have you ever tried assembling a piece of furniture only to discard the manual as you found it unhelpful? More times than not, this isn’t the fault of the engineer or technical writer but rather their creative medium. The static nature of these drawings results in a large amount of information crammed into a small area. Intuitively, people have difficulty processing information structured in this way, resulting in rework and time loss. But why are these drawings so complex for our brains to follow, and is there a better way?

At HarnessWorks, we’re fascinated with the psychology of how the human brain processes data. We use this information to influence the user experiences of software and hardware we develop for automating manufacturing processes. We’ve found that humans process information using different parts of our brains depending on the quantity and structure of data provided.

Sign-up today to learn how to influence the tools you and your team use to improve performance, productivity, and continuity.

Company: HarnessWorks

HarnessWorks is a user-focused redesign of the award-winning assisted automation projection software, ProjectionWorks.

HarnessWorks increases production speed and eliminates rework by displaying tasks sequentially onto a harness board. Furthermore, managers and technicians are able to optimize performance through access to analytical dashboards.

June 8, 10:00 AM – Intermediate

Instructor: Scott Juoni, Solution Architect

Scott Juoni is a solutions architect for Zuken USA’s E3.series product development team. Scott helps customers define requirements and specifications and develops custom software solutions. He acts as a liaison between the customer and the software development team to facilitate the production of quality applications and solutions. He is a lifelong student of theology and enjoys fishing, deer hunting, and music.


After the cable assembly design is complete and documented, it is often necessary to provide additional written instructions to properly fabricate, ensure quality, provide continuous improvement, and reduce cost of the end product. Learn how Harness Builder for E3.series’ Manufacturing Work Instructions Assistant (MWIA) plugin can be used to aid in the generation of printable instructions for manufacturing. The MWIA plugin provides capabilities to create, assemble, and semi-automate textual and graphical instructions into a publishable document for use by manufacturing. Understand how through the application and use of templates and special symbols, called Auto Actions, the MWIA plugin extracts and re-uses assembly design data to be included in work instructions.

June 8, 11:00 AM – Intermediate – Partner Session

Instructor: Tim McDonald, Electro Magnetic Applications

Tim McDonald is President of EMA. He has implemented new system-modeling approaches to simulate the interaction of systems and their electronics with electromagnetic environments in a shorter time, with more accuracy, and at a lower cost. He is a consultant to NASA and DoD major primes for specialty engineering of critical systems, development of novel solutions to EMI/EMC problems, and in the execution of major programs that require verification to electromagnetic environmental effects.


As Digital Engineering continues to gain momentum, there are many questions about how to create a product model and the associated design process. Companies are struggling with the model transition to detailed design and model relevancy throughout the product lifecycle.
This presentation explores the process of taking wire harness design from E3.series and driving simulation in Ansys EMA3D. Simulation and analysis tools like Ansys EMA3D perform the technical analysis and validation of a proposed plan to confirm behavior before building a prototype. The data from E3.series drastically reduces the need for manual recreation of the harness for simulation. Using this process, the simulation engineers save time, reduce errors, and get more accurate results. As a result, it is possible to make quick changes and adjustments to the harness and iterate through multiple simulations to reach the optimal target. A demonstration is provided to cover the entire design process that starts with the harness in E3.series, followed by using the information to set up the simulation in Ansys EMA3D, and finally, viewing and understanding the simulation results.

Company: EMA

EMA is a leading developer of technologies for engineering simulation. EMA’s engineering specialty is applied electromagnetics. In this domain, EMA provides software and services to promote the design, certification, and performance of our customers’ products.

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