E3.series Certification


A Zuken University certification is our professional guarantee that you have proven your expertise and are competitive in your industry. Upon passing the certification exam, Zuken verifies that you are a proficient tool user. This also makes you part of an elite user community.


  • The certification exam will take place on Tuesday, September 17th, 2024 at Zuken Innovation World.
  • The certification exam is FREE to attendees participating in Zuken Innovation World, a $499 value.
  • Participants can choose from two certification exams, series Schematic/Cable Fundamentals or E3.series Schematic Fundamentals. (Space is limited in each session.)
  • The certification exam validates foundational-level knowledge taught in Zuken University’s E3.series Schematic/Cable training.
  • Registered and confirmed participants will receive a study guide to prepare for the certification exam in advance.
  • Students will receive a certificate and verified digital credentials upon successfully passing the exam.

Who should attend

  • Users proficient with E3.schematic or E3.cable
  • Users who desire a professional certification

What to know

Mastery of the following skills is recommended before taking the certification exam:

  • E3.series Schematic Fundamentals 2022
    • User interface
    • Settings and configuration options
    • Placement of symbols and components
    • Adding connections and wires
    • Assigning attributes
    • Default reports and lists
    • Exporting/importing data
  • E3.series Schematic/Cable Fundamentals 2022
    • All of the skills noted above, plus…
    • Working with blocks: selecting, moving, and modifying blocks
    • Handling connectors: selecting, moving on the block, splitting, merging
    • Mating connectors, connector pin terminals
    • Drawing cable harnesses, working with different views
    • Cable definitions
    • Creating assemblies

What to expect during the exam

The certification exam is 90 minutes, with a 15-minute coffee break partway through. The session begins with 10-15 minutes for introduction and setup, followed by an estimated 60 minutes for the certification exam. The exam will include multiple-choice and open-ended questions. Participants are encouraged to use E3.series on their laptops as a reference if needed during the exam. Participants will be informed of the results shortly after completing the exam.


  • Participants will need a laptop for the exam. You may bring your own or use a rental. Laptop requirements are as follows:
    • One of the following platform and browser combinations:
      • Windows: Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge
      • Mac: Chrome, Firefox, and Safari
    • Permission to connect to the internet.
    • E3.series 2020 or more recently installed as an “open book” reference (recommended).
  • Laptops are available for rent for a fee of $260. Simply select this option during the ZIW registration process.