GENESYS 2023 Brings High Performance and Expanded View Functionality to Model-Based Systems Engineering Software

New performance improvements enable faster and more efficient operations while advanced view capabilities improve usability and model navigation

WESTFORD, MA, USA, JULY 11, 2023 – Zuken Vitech Inc., a leading provider of model-based systems engineering software, has announced the release of GENESYS 2023, the latest version of its flagship software. Packed with new features and enhancements, GENESYS 2023 empowers engineers and organizations to work more efficiently and collaboratively.

Bulk operations optimized for improved speed.

GENESYS 2023 delivers significant performance enhancement with bulk operations, making complex tasks more manageable and allowing for great efficiency gains—a benefit that is especially valuable when one is working in teams or on large models.

Improved capabilities for storing, organizing, and managing views

New capabilities in GENESYS 2023 that allow one to customize lists and manipulate data in a table view give the systems engineer new power. Project pinned lists, user favorite views, filtered lists, and custom lists—all new in GENESYS 2023—support the user in better organizing the multitude of views that exist in a GENESYS model.

Table Views in GENESYS 2023 give the user the ability to look at model data in a familiar Excel-type format. One can create, edit, and modify data in the traditional tabular form, with changes being updated in real-time.

Integration with digital thread broker SBE Vision

Because today’s digital engineering environments demand robust connectivity, this version’s integration with the powerful digital engineering integration platform SBE Vision gives model-based systems engineers a boost. “GENESYS 2023 is an obvious choice for organizations wishing to establish an MBSE-centric digital thread,” says David Vredenburgh, president and CTO of SBE Vision. “Our company has historically had a strong partnership with Zuken Vitech, but we are particularly excited with this release, given its built-in adapter to the SBE Digital Thread Platform.”

The GENESYS 2023 release affirms Zuken Vitech’s commitment to delivering innovative solutions that empower engineers and organizations to excel in system modeling and design. “We continue executing on our vision of delivering open, connected, and integrated solutions that enable companies to build best-of-breed digital engineering environments with MBSE as a critical component to achieving digital continuity,” said Brian Selvy, Vitech’s Chief Innovation Officer.

To learn more about GENESYS 2023, visit What’s New in GENESYS.