DS-E3 Project Reuse Tracking

Tech Tip: DS-E3 Project Reuse Tracking


DS-E3 allows you to Reuse the entire project or create a module and Reuse it again in another product. When you decide to select the Reuse functionality in DS-E3, you may need to decide which type of reuse scenario best works for you. In this case, I will cover the entire project Reuse, which is the simplest form. In the video, I will cover a few reasons why you would want to use this functionality, which I refer to as “Reuse & Rename”. Some of our other customers would call this function something similar such as a “Copied From” or “Made From” to distinguish it from the Reuse of modules. After you decide on a nickname for the function, at some point you will need to track the information months or years later. Traceability is a great feature to have in your data management solution, so let’s find out how we do this.

In the following video, you will see how easy it is to learn about the Reuse function in DS-E3.

Chris Robles
Chris Robles
Application Engineer
Chris Robles is a DS-E3 applications engineer, helping customers find effective data management solutions for their designs. His work focuses on POC test environments, user guides, and helping customers meet their timelines. He loves to wrench on cars in his spare time, travel to new places to try new cuisines, and hit a few golf balls at the range.