Zuken Tech Tip DDR Byte lane matching Strobe

Tech Tip: DDR Byte Lane Matching Strobe


DDR designs require a DDR byte lane and strobe signal match. Sometimes, it is also necessary to have multiple byte lanes and strobes matching together. There may be many byte lanes in the design. Balancing and optimizing trace lengths for multiple DDR byte lanes and strobes will be a challenge.

CR-8000 Design Force provides the solution for this challenge. It allows for nested skew group settings and utilizes the routing tools for optimized constraint-driven Lengthening.

This video shows how to set up the skew group for a single byte lane as well as multiple byte lanes together in CR-8000 Design Force. It also shows how to use its “Lengthen” function to match the PCB trace length at once.


Lance Wang
Lance Wang
Lance Wang is a solutions architect at the Zuken SOZO Center. He supports the CR-8000 product line, mainly focusing on high-speed PCB design and signal integrity features. When not behind the keyboard or in front of customers, he is a Tom Brady fan and enjoys playing ping pong in his spare time.