Mecalac Vehicle Harness

Wire Harness Engineering

A comprehensive apprach to wire harness engineering

A wire harness design requires both a 3D physical representation and a logical representation of connections, device and component characteristics. With comprehensive information exchange capabilities between E3.series and all major MCAD systems, and powerful wire harness design and manufacturing outputs, Zuken provides a comprehensive apprach to wire harness engineering.


We can help you with

Wire harness design exploration and optimization

Optimization of complex wire harness designs based on inputs from heterogeneous sources. Specialized functionality tailored specifically to topology exploration provides the ability to create and evaluate different architectural concepts.

Comprehensive support of industry standard formats

Coherent multi-sheet print outputs and support of industry standard formats such as PLMXML, KBL and VEC. Comprehensive manufacturing outputs including connection tables, clips, heat-shrink and convolute information.

A consistent end-to-end environment

Bidirectional integration with cable planning, enabling automatic synchronization of changes in both manufacturing documentation and wiring diagrams ensures a seamless and error free design flow in a consistent environment.

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