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August 4, 9:00 AM CT


Kent McLeroth, President and CEO, Zuken USA
Bob Potock, Vice President of Marketing, Zuken USA
David Long, President, Vitech Corporation
Kazuhiro Kariya, Chief Technology Officer, Zuken


Please join us for the opening session of Zuken Innovation World 2021 Digital Edition. After a short welcome and introduction, CEOs of Zuken USA and Vitech Corporation will deliver their executive briefings highlighting current initiatives and plans for the coming year. The opening session will continue with Zuken’s CTO, taking participants through our innovative development strategy and our plans to meet customers’ technological needs well into the future.

August 4, 11:00 AM CT

Presenter: Brian Gilman, Zuken USA

Brian Gilman is an Applications Engineer and is part of the CR-5000/CR-8000 customer support and training team. Brian has worked in the electronics packaging field throughout his entire career holding positions in research, product development, and manufacturing. These roles have given him a unique understanding of all the steps needed to help customers take an idea and make it a finished product. When Brian is not working, he enjoys traveling, biking, skiing, and spending time with his family.


As customers’ technology needs to change and grow, so do the features and functions within CR-8000. Each year, Zuken provides a major update to our CR-8000 toolset. The changes and additions to the software are driven by customer feedback and by Zuken’s innovative and ever-evolving technology direction. We are constantly striving to add new tool capabilities and tune existing to meet or exceed our customers’ design needs. In this session, we will review the CR-8000 2021 release highlights with an overview and demonstration to highlight what is new and improved and how those updates will help advance customer productivity.

What Will You Learn

August 4, 12:00 PM CT

Presenter: Steve Watt, Zuken USA

Steve Watt is an Engineering Manager, focused on helping customers utilize and adopt Zuken tools to optimize their design processes. He also works to improve Zuken’s products with the help of customers. Steve is an avid skier and occasional sailor.


DFM is an important factor for efficient PCB design. Often times more advanced DFM checks are being run outside of the traditional design flow, making it difficult to integrate into the PCB design flow. Bringing these advanced DFM checks into the native CR-8000 Design Force PCB flow allows for more frequent check cycles, ensuring a minimal amount of rework. By using these checks as a communication tool with downstream processes, (fabrication, assembly, test), collaboration can yield even better rules and values that ensure first-pass success.

This session will explore the capabilities of creating custom DFM rules that can be utilized within the CR-8000 Design Force flow. We will look at rule creation, rule customization, and the check process within CR-8000 Design Force.

What Will You Learn

• How integrated DFM checks can improve quality by checking items that traditional DRCs miss.
• How the integration of DFM checks can reduce cycle time.
• How to utilize this process to improve communication between design, fabrication, and assembly.

August 4, 1:00 PM CT

Presenter: Lance Wang, Zuken USA

Lance Wang is a solutions architect at the Zuken SOZO Center. He supports the CR-8000 product line, focusing mainly on high-speed PCB design and signal integrity features. When not behind the keyboard or in front of customers, he is a Tom Brady fan and enjoys playing ping pong in his spare time.


SI engineers are often challenged by the need to verify board Signal Integrity designs before the real board is manufactured. After identifying issues, need to know how to debug the issues without leaving the PCB layout toolset. The CR-8000 board-level simulation features not only provide the auto-extraction (field-solver-based) and batch simulations to verify the board but can also work in the Electrical Editor for what-If analysis without ever leaving the tool. This feature enables an efficient process for product optimization and debugging needs.

In the session, we will discuss how to use CR-8000 board-level simulation features to simulate and verify the results inside the Design Force tool, how to change the layout designs, and update the simulation results seamlessly.

What Will You Learn

• What is CR-8000 board-level simulation?
• Board-level signal integrity verification and debug flow.
• Setting up for board-level simulations.
• Batch mode operations for auto-measurement and seamless simulation results update.

August 5, 9:00 AM CT

Presenter: Chuck Bassett, Zuken USA

Chuck Bassett is an Application Engineer focused on providing solutions for custom process requirements. He gathers customer requirements and creates solutions, assisting them with establishing a design environment and getting it running. He lives in Iowa and enjoys woodworking and bicycling.


Engineers often identify tasks they would like to run in an automated fashion. And often these tasks are custom to their process and environment. By introducing automation, users can reduce manual steps, perform tasks faster, make tasks more repeatable and less error-prone.

This session focuses on automation techniques in CR-8000 Design Gateway and Design Force. We will explore the different forms of automation available and discuss the abilities of each. It will cover CR-8000 executables that can be used in batch form, macroing capability, and more advanced scripting such as VBScript and JavaScript.

What Will You Learn

• Automation capabilities for Design Gateway and Design Force.
• Uses for each type of automation.
• Languages used in different forms of automation.
• Where to find the detailed documents for each automation style.

August 5, 10:00 AM CT

Presenter: Pat Duran, Zuken USA


eCADSTAR is the newest addition to Zuken’s PCB design solutions. Built to deliver an out-of-the-box experience with self-help tools, an intuitive UX, and internet connectivity, eCADSTAR may be just what you are looking for. This cost-effective and easy-to-use PCB design tool is built upon today’s latest technology delivering the high performance you need.

This session will explore eCADSTAR from the perspective of a design process and focus on the user experience. We will highlight downloading a component from the web, setting up constraints, the powerful 3D design environment with MCAD integration, and more. A product demonstration will illustrate the easy-to-use environment and key capabilities.

What Will You Learn

• eCADSTAR’s out-of-the-box experience.
• How to download library components from the web.
• How to perform 3D collision checking in concert with your MCAD tool.
• How to perform signal and power integrity analysis on the board.
• BOM scoring with SiliconExpert SE Connect.

August 5, 11:00 AM CT

Presenter: Sandy Jones, Zuken USA

Sandy Jones is the Director of Customer Support. Her primary focus is ensuring customers receive excellent customer support and that they are well-educated with their software. In her free time, she enjoys gardening and many forms of artistic hobbies.


In the day-to-day job of designing circuits and PCBs, getting the job done accurately and on time is critical. The challenge may be that you do not know the most efficient way to accomplish a particular task. With so many of us now working from home, it can even more challenging since your co-worker is not in the cubicle next door. Having the right answers at your fingertips is a top priority.

In this tips and tricks session and we will help you to discover where to find those answers along with a wealth of knowledge that truly is right at your fingertips.

What Will You Learn

• Where to find answers to your technical questions.
• Best practices for search to locate answers quickly.
• The latest tips and tricks.
• How to explore forums and interact with other designers.
• How to chat live with our talented engineers.

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