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Model and Product Consistency

As product complexity grows, so does the risk of divergence.  The final product may have strayed from the product model specifications lowering the business value.  The design needs to be verified against the product model at each design phase crossing to lower risk and maximize business value.


Benefits of E3.GENESYS Connector

Business value. Ensure the product delivers the desired business value.

Consistency. Lower the risk of divergence through a product development cycle.

Performance. Periodic design verification will deliver a product that meets performance requirements.

Traceability. Digital conversations captured at each verification gate provide decision history.

Model and Product Consistency

During a lengthy and complex design process, many decisions are made that cause the product and the model to diverge. The risk of divergence grows and complexing increases. Design checkpoints are needed to identify divergence and determine an acceptable level.

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How Did We Get Here?

Without periodic consistency or verification checks, the development effort can stray from the design intent. Digital conversations which are part of the Digital Thread capture those decisions that can cause divergence. If you want to eliminate the “how did we get here” question, deploy verification gates and support digital conversations.

Verification Events

Design verification is built upon verification events that check the consistency before moving to the next phase.  For instance, an architecture design review should be successfully completed before a detailed design.  The review activity should be captured by digital conversations as part of the Digital Thread.

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Model Relevance

The product model tends to become disconnected from the development process and ultimately the product life cycle.   As the model becomes disconnected so does the risk of divergence.  Design verification gates keep the model relevant throughout the product life cycle.  The result is delivering the intended product business value.

Features and Benefits

Maintaining business value throughout the design process is always challenging.  Design decisions increasing variance will impact business value.  Strong product compliance with the model maintains business value.

GENESYS supports Verification Events which can be assigned to process milestones.  The event is comprised of verification requirements that must be passed to proceed.

Verification requirements can consist of one or many requirements.  The Verification Requirement is associated to a test activity.  A test activity for a design review is very different than an inspection of a first article PCB.  Test activities are defined to support the event and the requirements.

The Digital Thread will capture the historical record of each verification event.  The event is decomposed into activities (e.g., PCB Design Review) and each activity is decomposed into multiple conversations (e.g., BOM review, power review, mechanical review, etc).

Product compliance preserves the product model as the single source of truth.  As verification requirement tests pass or fail, that status is updated to the model.  The product model can provide a history of the design verification history.

Deploying a Digital Thread product like Anark provides the conversation and decision history needed to understand any variance to the product model.  Any variance to the product model impacts business value and should be thoroughly understood.

Digital Engineering eBook

This eBook describes an MBSE based process for Electrical and Electronic design. The eBook begins with model content and structure with the purpose of implementation and the need for a “design envelope”.

The biggest challenge in MBSE gaining broad adoption is making the model relevant through the product life cycle. Learn how you can overcome this daunting hurdle while maintaining the model as the single source of truth.

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