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Today’s products are growing in complexity and driving change in how they are defined, designed, and manufactured.

The composition and complexity of today’s products have irrevocably changed. Engineers are including an ever-increasing amount of electronics and software to satisfy the demand for more features, safety, and connectivity. In many cases, achieving this level of new functionality necessitates better requirements, analysis, architecture optimization, and continuous verification.

As a result, today’s electrical and electronic product content is dramatically more complex than in the past. Many of today’s products are comprised of numerous embedded subsystems communicating with an array of on-board sensors, cameras, motors, and other subsystems. Electrical subsystems must deliver power to electronic endpoints and provide enough bandwidth for high volume communication. This array of embedded subsystems and components connected by wires must work collaboratively to achieve safety and performance targets.

Table of Contents Zuken Digital Engineering eBook cover

  • Model-Based Design
  • Return on Investment in a Model-Based Process
  • Building the Electrical/Electronic System Model
    • Decomposition of the System Design
    • Creating the Design Envelope
    • Analyzing the System Design
  • Realization of the System Model
    • Exposing and Transferring the Model
    • Architecture Verification
  • E/E Detailed Design and Verification
  • System Model Verification
  • Summary and Recommendations


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