Using the Splices Tab in Harness Builder for E3.Series

Tech Tip: Using the Splices Tab in Harness Builder for E3.Series


This is a deep dive into the Splices tab of Harness Builder. The Splices tab allows users to easily add additional information about the splice to their formboard sheets. In addition, they can place auto-sized heat shrink over their splices as well.

In this video you will learn how to use the Splices tab in the Harness Builder to provide more information on the formboard drawing and I walk through and explain the settings and how-to of the Splices tab.

This video demonstrated and explained the settings and how to add additional documentation tables as well as heat shrink to splices on a formboard drawing.

Taras Wallace
Taras Wallace
E3.series Applications Engineer, Zuken USA
Taras Wallace is an E3.series applications engineer helping customers use their solutions to the fullest. His work focuses on training, providing support, and implementing E3.series solutions. He loves aviation and traveling the world as often as possible.