Configuring a custom E3.series context menu

Tech Tip: Configuring the Custom Context Menu to Access Your Most Commonly Used Commands Faster


Optimizing E3.series Workflows with Custom Context Menus

E3.series software streamlines the design process by allowing users to access specific functions through context menus quickly. By simply right-clicking on an object within the E3.series interface, users can call up a range of commands tailored to their needs. This customization option allows for integrating frequently used commands into the context menu, enhancing efficiency and productivity in design tasks.

Customizing Your E3.series Experience

This tutorial delves into the steps required to personalize the Additional Commands custom context menu within E3.series. Users can significantly improve their workflow through customization, ensuring that essential functions are always at their fingertips. By tailoring the context menu to fit individual preferences and project requirements, the E3.series becomes an even more powerful tool in the design process.

Recorded on the E3 V2023 24.10 platform, this video guide provides a comprehensive walkthrough for optimizing your E3.series setup, focusing on maximizing efficiency through smart context menus.

Daryl Williams
Daryl Williams
Senior Applications Engineer
Daryl Williams is a Senior Applications Engineer providing customer support for E3 Cable and Wiring. He helps customers resolve current issues with a focus on solving software, design and installation questions. He is a sports fanatic and likes movies