Tech Tip: Import Parts Data into DS-CR with the SiliconExpert Interface


Accurate parts data is critical for the electronics design and manufacturing processes; however, entering and updating parts data is a time-consuming and error-prone task. Automating the transfer of data from a reliable source is quick and avoids opportunities to introduce errors.

Zuken’s DS-CR product data management system integrates with SiliconExpert’s web API to enable quick, error-free data transfer, and the user retains control over which data is imported and propagated to a manufacturer’s part and the company part.

This video shows how to create a part using data extracted from the SiliconExpert web API.

Tom Warneke
Tom Warneke
Application Engineer for DS-2/CR/OP
Tom Warneke is an Applications Engineer supporting Zuken’s DS-CR platform for electronics product design. Previous experience includes managing engineering and supply chain management systems for electronics manufactures and product management for EDA software suppliers.