Generate Back Drill data and obstacles in a PCB design

Tech Tip: How to Generate Back Drill Data and Obstacles in a PCB Design


PCB backdrilling has been used for years as a means of removing excess parasitic effects from via stubs. This is done by drilling an oversized hole into a via, thus cutting away the excess metal. This process is mostly used when high speed switching is used and simulation results warrant the removal of the via stub. CR-8000 Design Force supports a new dynamic method of preparing a PCB for backdrilling. This is supported at the net level and by the layer spans. The process automatically creates track and via keep outs around the holes that will be oversized.

Check out the two-part video series that demonstrates this process.

Part 1: Preparing for backdrilling

Part 2: Generating the data output

Andy Buja
Andy Buja
Applications Engineer
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