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Tech Tip: Enhancing Database Cable Assemblies


E3.series 2022 introduces some new enhancements to improve the use of database cable assemblies. In most cases, the use of database cable assemblies is to represent prefabricated cables and harnesses. The first enhancement allows the librarian to predefine the connections of the cable assemblies in the database. The second enhancement is the ability to assign a sub-circuit to the cable assembly component.

Predefining the connections in the database eliminates the need for the designer to have to look up what the connections are. As well as needing to add the connections manually. Not only does removing these steps save the designer time, but it also removes the potential for error. Furthermore, the librarian can lock the connections. Helping to prevent designers from accidentally changing the connection information. Which can cause inaccuracies in the project. Users can now assign sub-circuits, which are prebuilt designs, directly to components. So that designers can place an already-designed cable into the project or in the project clipboard. Again, improving the process by eliminating manual effort and creating time saved.

The following video will show these two enhancements for defining and using database cable assemblies.

Laura Mirto
Laura Mirto
E3.series Technical Marketing Manager
Laura Mirto is the E3.series Technical Marketing Manager in North America. As a former E3.series applications engineering team member, providing useful information to our current and potential customers will always be one of her passions. One of Laura's favorite hobbies is arts and crafts; she is always up for learning a new art form.