Tech Tip: Automatically Correct Mesh Added to Conductor Area Fill

Tech Tip: Enabling Automatic Mesh Correction for Conductor Area Fill


Imagine a world where designing electronic circuits becomes even more seamless and efficient. Well, one of the improvements in our CR-8000 Design Force 2023 release is the ability of the Mesh Auto-Correction while editing the conductor area created by a template.

The following setup is required for Mesh Auto-Correction in Design Force

The Mesh Auto-Correction feature eliminates the days of manually adjusting conductor areas during the design process. Now, you only need a simple setup to make it happen. Follow these steps and watch the video below to see how you can take advantage of this function:

  1. Enable “Correct Conductor Area Automatically” in Template Area Settings. This nifty option ensures the conductor area adjusts itself on the fly, saving time and effort.
  2. Set the “Edit Template Area” under File->Configuration->Area Fill Settings. This step is essential to activate the auto-correction feature. It allows you to focus on the creative aspects of your design.
  3. You must ensure that the parameters for the layer representing the template layer where you created your copper template, which is the Non-Conductive layer, are identical to the parameters for the conductive layer where you edit the copper-containing the Mesh. You can find the parameters by going to Generate Mesh -> Mesh Parameters. This alignment ensures the Mesh adjustments are tailored precisely to your design requirements.

With Mesh Auto-Correction, you can effortlessly optimize your design and enhance its overall quality. Watch the video below, and follow as Jeff shows how the Mesh automatically adapts itself while you edit the conductor area.

Jeff Perry
Jeff Perry
Applications Engineer