CR-8000 Design Force Database without a Schematic or Netlist

Tech Tip: Creating a CR-8000 Design Force Database without a Schematic or Netlist


Sometimes Engineers find it useful to create an empty PCB database to experiment with reading in different formats such as DXF, IDF, GDSII, ODB++, IPC2581 to name a few. They also can edit the local Technology and Rules and add Parts and circuits with constraints for test purposes. In other words, whatever they need to do for test purposes. The empty database will still be able to see the master library that their company uses, so they will have access to bring in those parts if necessary. This can be done with a few easy steps using File->Create in Design Force.

The following video demonstrates how to do this.

Jeff Perry
Jeff Perry
Applications Engineer
Jeff Perry is a Customer Support Applications Engineer. He focuses on customer support for CR-5000/CR-8000 Tool Suites. Jeff provides instruction on Zuken tools at customer sites or via the web. He also puts together Application Notes, Tool Tips and Tech Tips which help improve customer productivity. He enjoys golf and spending time with his grandson.